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Green Puddle

Green lagoon, it owes its name to its green water, that is caused to the plentiful vegetation in the shore, besides the high content of algae in its water.

It has an extension of about three hectares, which works as lodging of abundant water species and local and migratory birds; these qualities classify the area as a “protected area” or “Natural park Green Puddle”. The ecological reserve Green Puddle is rich in flora and fauna, it is also very popular by its well known natives legends.

Green Puddle and Chico Largo

Altagracia, an Ometepe Island is 6 miles to the southeast of the main city or 6 miles from Moyogalpa, it is located in San Jose Community with a charming place well known as Green poodle.

This is a green colored lagoon; it is surrounded by exuberant nature, forests and savage fauna including migratory species. Green Poodle is the Nahuatl name called by our ancestors which means "where the gods make pis" In its shore our aborigines practiced their rituals such as sacrifices, reincarnations or request to the gods.

In the seventeenth century a man in the community of San Jose of South better known as Chico Largo recovers the customs from our aborigines such as dark science, witchcrafts reincarnation and transformations to animals.
Chico Largo Practiced his witchcraft in the lagoon calling gods or demons and he transformed in those practices a deer, in this way it was easier to travel to other places, feed himself without any cost. In one of his adventures as a deer he headed to the surrounding areas called Mirador del Diablo in the dawn, and unfortunately one of the hunters saw him and fired him, ignoring it was him, after the shot everybody joined to the search of the injured deer tracking the blood stains which leaded to the lagoon but they disappeared where Chico Largo practiced his rituals, so they gave up and they left.

In the morning Chico Largo was deadly hurt in his ranch, and he could not return to his natural form, his mom Bucha expertise witch could not solve the spell so he died half deer half human. Mom Bucha kept the secret and carrying him in her arms buried him I the shore of the lagoon, in the place of his rituals, many years later the neighbors discovered everything told by the hunters and the absence of Chico Largo so, mom Bucha had to tell the truth and they decided to bury him in proper way but when they went to look for the body they only found some clothes and blankets with blood stains.

Today the people form San Jose of the South state that the spirit of Chico largo is the guard and protector of this magic place Green Poodle.

Ecological reserve

The hotel and restaurant green puddle has a singular ecological reserve of twenty hectares surrounded by one kilometer of private beaches; these include green puddle beach, green puddle lagoon and El Bancon beach.

In the ecological reserve you can found different kinds of birds such as, guides, white herons, black herons, woodpeckers, magpies, night ducks, owls, fireflies, and sparrow hawks. Likewise, it has mammals such as howling monkeys (Conges) armadillos, rabbits among others. This ecological reserve also includes a wide variety of plants and flowers, among these we have: Guanacaste, cedar, pochote, chaperno, guasimo, spines, helequemes, Zardinillo flower and others.

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